Fox Incognito

This red fox was hiding close to a chipmunk burrow waiting for his chance.  Camouflaged in the terrain, it wasn’t long before the chipmunk with it’s terrible vision unknowingly darted within striking distance of the fox.  Using the great force of his hind legs the fox leaped, landing on top of his targeted prey.

Thank goodness I did not witness that! I do know this. We had chipmunks around here before this guy showed up. Now we have this guy, no chipmunks (mice either, which is a good thing).


How beautiful is this wild creature? He’ll live for 2 to 3 years. He eats about 2 pounds a day.  A chipmunk weighs a third of a pound. That means he’ll eat about the equivalent of six chipmunks a day.  In addition to chipmunks and mice they also eat birds, worms, berries, eggs and any scavenged food they can find.


Awe and Wonder

Canoe your way through the Rockies. Emerald Lake YoHo National Park. Rocky Mountains. British Columbia Canada.

Did you know? As the snow melts from the surrounding mountains, the watershed cascades over cliffs collecting powered limestone along the way, colouring the waters of the lake into a vivid turquoise colour. 

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Behind the lens. Photographing Emerald Lake.

Doe a Deer

White Tailed Deer—Canadian Boreal Forest Manitoba Canada

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Did you know? Deer are not able to focus on one location with both eyes which means the deer has very poor depth perception.  Next time you’re on the highway think of all those deer crossing at the absolute wrong time and stop wondering what would possess them to cross at that precise moment. 

The Great Northern Diver

Loon in my Bay—The Canadian Boreal Forest. Whiteshell Provincial Park Manitoba Canada

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Did you know? The same pair of loons occupy the same bay in the same location year after year.  They lay one or two eggs in nest in the marsh.  Both parents care for the babies until fall when their offspring joins the teenagers before migrating to the south.

After the Storm

Take in the living sky as the sun sets over on of the lakes of the Canadian boreal forest. Westhawk Lake Whiteshell Provincial Park Manitoba Canada.

Did you know? A meteorite about the size of a school bus hit the ground on the border of Manitoba and Ontario Canada some 3 million years ago forming Westhawk Lake remains one of the freshest water lakes in central Canada.

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It isn’t easy being green.

Tree Frog—captured in the Canadian Boreal Forest Manitoba Canada

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For a long time I had a tendency to always shoot photos from “my” eye level.  Classic mistake.  This little guy showed me the value of looking beyond your own horizon.  At my feet, while I was focused on shooting yet another sunset, this little guy was posing patiently on the end of a branch.

I only saw him because I dropped my lens cap beside him.  He is only about 2 inches long.  I had to get up close.  He still didn’t move.  His expression says it all.   Will you take the picture already.